Translation scams

Scammers have found their way to the translation sector as well. Recently clients, translators and translation agencies have received numerous hoax emails. The content of the message varies according to recipient:

Client for translation services. Using the Web address of a real translation agency, the scammer offers translations at a discount price. If the client grabs the offer, they will receive a substandard translation created by Google Translate or some other unprofessional method.

Freelance translator. Acting in the name of a real translation agency, the scammer requests CVs from translators (to be later used in emails to other recipient groups) and/or tries to set conditions for future translation assignments requiring the translator to pay something (e.g. for the scammer's own translation tool).

Translation agency. The scammer sends the agency the CV received from a real translator. Acting in the name of a real translator, the scammer tries to fish for assignments from the translation agency and naturally invoice them later on.

How can you detect scam emails? The emails are almost invariably from gmail addresses and they are written in English. If you wish to end the spamming, there is really not other solution but to patiently route the emails to the junk mail folder.

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