The Notaatio translation process

Contact Notaatio via our online form, email or telephone and you will receive a prompt response with our quote. If you find the quote satisfactory and commission a translation, we can often begin work on the job that very same day.

The job is assigned to a translator that is best acquainted with the subject matter of the text. Each of our language professionals is required to demonstrate linguistic expertise and specialization in several business areas. Consult our listing of job requirements to learn more about our demanding standards.

When translating, the Notaatio language professionals make efficient use of supplementary material, various terminology sources and, most important, Internet search engines. If needed, the translator will contact the customer directly. You can speed up the translation process in many ways. Read our Tips for translation customers to learn more.

Several different kinds of translation tools are available to translators today. The function of these tools is to speed up the translation process and improve the quality of the final translation by checking that the terminology and syntax of the translation is consistent. See our section on translation technology to discover more about these innovations.

Once the first draft of the translation is complete, the translator takes the time to carefully check it through. The translated text is then transferred to another language professional with experience in the same business area, who carefully checks the translation against the source text once again. After this stage, the original translator then incorporates any proposed changes into the text, carries out an automated spelling and grammar check, and finalizes the layout and look of the final draft. The translator then reports to the Project Manager that the translation is complete. Before the Project Manager sends the translation to the customer, however, he performs yet another check to ensure that the final translation is error-free and accurate.

In the event of corrections, updates or even misplacement, all translations are stored at Notaatio for some time. Keep this in mind if you need translation updates or new copies of a certified/authorized translation. Read more about authorization.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have; we are at your service.


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